[GH Webinar 12/1] Building a Platform with Network Effects: Theory and Practice

Join us Thursday, December 1st at 10AM PDT, for a joint webinar with Applico on building Network Effects.

Webinar Summary:
It’s a magical moment when a platform business achieves network effects. Network effects = the hard work is over, users snowball in and founders become overnight billionaires. Right? NO! Network effects are a continuous journey that requires platform operators to perpetually optimize the value exchange between the platform’s producers and consumers of value.

Theory and Practice is a joint webinar between GrowthHackers and Applico, the world’s first platform innovation company or the McKinsey for platform companies.


  • Alex Moazed – Applico Founder and CEO, who recently co-authored the best-selling book on platforms, Modern Monopolies.

  • Abel Lin – Applico Principal, who co-founded Caviar, the food delivery marketplace that raised capital from the likes of Andreessen Horowitz and the Winklevoss Brothers and was eventually acquired by Jack Dorsey’s Square.

Host & commentator:

  • Myself, Sean Ellis – Founder and CEO of GrowthHackers, a powerful platform for teams helping marketers and growth professionals unleash their company’s growth potential.

Alex will present theories and proven frameworks and share his 7+ years of experience working with startups and enterprises to design the business model for platforms that successfully garner network effects. Abel will share his operational experience and best practices for building Caviar into a $100 million business in under three years, when everyone said he and his team were crazy for attempting to compete with Seamless and Grubhub. Sean will provide insight into his experience growing Eventbrite and the GrowthHackers Network.

Who’s this webinar for?

Whether you’re the Chief Digital Officer at a large enterprise fighting to secure the next 20 years of growth or a scrappy platform entrepreneur coding an app with plans to disrupt an industry, this webinar will be a crash course in building network effects and platforms.

Recommended reading:

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