5 Steps for Converting Real-Time Audience Insights Into High-Demand Merchandise

The NFL recently announced that they’re going to start selling branded gear that celebrates “micro moments.” “The excitement in every record or amazing play is there, but the half-life of each moment is so short, you have to do what you can to capture it,” Chris Halpin, the league’s senior VP of consumer products, told ESPN. But you don’t need to be at the helm of a multi-billion-dollar entertainment empire to sell real-time products that your tribe will love. There’s a great deal that any ecommerce seller can learn from the micro moments trend. And there are always trending memes that you can take advantage off. When you really know your audience, it’s easy to come up with creative concepts that can be sold as product designs. Add to that a savvy automated workflow for advertising, integrated with content assets and email follow up, and you’ll be monetizing hot niches in no time. Let’s take a look at a proven method for how to create a real-time, low-risk merchandising business. All it takes is shrewd planning, a healthy dose of gumption, and adherence to the step-by-step process outlined below.

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