Ecommerce Data Myths: 16 Thought Leaders Cover BS Best Practices to Optimize Sales

Ecommerce is plagued by an overload of BS best practices all claiming to be “data-driven.

To separate myth from fact, Aaron Orendorff asked 16 ecommerce leaders three questions:

  1. What makes you “data driven”?
  2. What’s the biggest “best practice” myth in ecommerce?
  3. What analytics tool do you recommend for ecommerce?

And the list of contributors is phenomenal.

  1. Linda Bustos, Co-founder and Managing Partner at Edgacent
  2. Tomer Tagrin, CEO and Co-founder at Yotpo
  3. Talia Wolf, Conversion Optimization Expert & Founder of GetUplift
  4. Ben Carpel, CEO at Cyfe
  5. William Harris, Ecommerce Consultant at Elumynt
  6. Neil Patel, Founder at
  7. Claire Vignon, Director of Optimization Strategy at WiderFunnel
  8. Tommy Walker, Editor in Chief at Shopify Plus
  9. Paul Rouke, Founder and CEO at PRWD
  10. Shayla Price, B2B Content Marketer
  11. Mark Hayes, Chief Marketing Officer at Rocketshp
  12. Jeff Goldenberg, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Abacus
  13. Adii Pienaar, Founder and “High King of Ecommerce” at Conversio
  14. Gary Landa, Managing Director at Digital Boutique
  15. Shanelle Mullin, Content & Growth at CXL
  16. Nemo Chu, CEO at inc. & Marketing Coach at 500 Startups